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Repairs and Restorations

You might be wondering about the difference between the terms "repair and restoration." To me a repair is something simple that makes a doll whole again. An example would include putting eyes back in the head or reattaching an arm or leg that has come off. Restoration is taking a doll in poor condition and bringing it back to what the doll may have looked like when it was new. This could involve repairing a broken limb, rebuilding a missing foot, or removing lifting paint and redoing some or all of a composition doll.

Not surprisingly the more complex the procedure is, the longer it will take and the more expensive it will be.

My experience in restoring dolls started as "trial and error", as I experimented with my own ideas and those from other doll people. I also read books and articles on the subject. About fifteen years ago I took and extensive two week class from a well-known doll expert in Portland, Oregon. This was a significant period of growth in my knowledge of doll repair and restoration. More recently I have continued classes and joined a group of national and local doll doctors. 

I specialize in "doctoring" composition and antique dolls. I believe in striving to do the necessary repairs and restorations while retaining the antiquity of the doll as much as possible.

Restringing and cleaning are a large part of my business for old and new dolls alike.