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About Me


It seems I have always loved dolls. As a child I had many lovely dolls and cherished them all. My mom and I carefully packed them away when I left home. They were treasures, after all.

When my own children were older and I had a bit of time for myself, I gathered my childhood dolls from my parent's home and cleaned up my poor dollies who were a bit dirty from those years of storage.

I also frequented a wonderful doll shop in Waukesha, Wisconsin quite often on Saturdays with my own little boys in tow. (Notice there were no girls to share my doll passion, but now I have two little granddaughters.) It was here that I met some doll experts who invited me to attend a doll club meeting. That was about twenty-five years ago. I have recently retired from teaching and have been working hard to extend the doll business with more hours being added.